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Shocking Statistics About Children Every Parent Needs To Know…

Plus: Is THIS diet pill (endorsed by an extremely popular celebrity) dangerous? And… 7 Steps for a healthy heart…

New Prague – Being a parent is difficult. It is probably the biggest and most important responsibility anyone will ever face.
You would think kids would come with some sort of instruction manual. Sadly, they don’t… and raising kids today is more complex than at any time in history. That’s why it’s so important to learn all you can – whenever the opportunity presents itself.
Now Is One Of Those Times
For example, there are a couple of alarming statistics and trends every parent should know. They have the potential to shape your children’s future in positive… or negative ways.
Here’s the first statistic every parent should know: According to a new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, “The average young American now spends practically every waking minute, except for time spent in school, using a smart phone, computer, television or other electronic device.
“Those ages 8 to 18 spend more than 7½ hours a day with such devices, compared with less than 6½ hours 5 years ago.” That does not include time spent simply texting or talking on the phone. It also found: “that heavy media use is associated with several negatives, including behavior problems and lower grades.”
Here’s the second statistic, as reported on January 20, 2010 in the New York Times: “Between 1977 and 2002, the percent of the American population eating 3 or more snacks a day increased to 42 percent from 11 percent, according to a large study of American nutritional habits conducted by the Agriculture Department with the Department of Health and Human Services.
Further, researchers found the percent of children surveyed who said they had eaten 3 meals on the previous day went down, while those who had a snack went up more than 40 percent.”
Even though these statistics are from several years ago, researchers in the article say the trends have not changed. It is very possible the situation is even worse today.
Think about it. Food is everywhere. Have you been to an event for your children lately that did not have some snack for sale? As the New York Times’ article pointed out, these snacks are usually “junk food.” Here’s something very interesting from a parent interviewed for the article: Once a week, Vivian Zachary’s 6-year-old son, Joel, goes dashing for the vending machine at the gym after his gymnastics’ class ends at 5 p.m. “Last week it was a Fruit Roll-Up and a can of 7-Up,” Ms. Zachary wrote in an e-mail message. “I’m not sure why I let this go on, and I often think that if I were a better parent, or at least more able to tolerate incessant complaining, I would let him buy the snacks but not actually consume them until after dinner. But I have already established the pattern [the ‘rule’ in Joel’s mind], so there’s no going back now.”
Like the first sentence of this newsletter stated, “Being a parent is difficult.” It also pointed out how important this responsibility is. So, you have to ask yourself at some point…
Who Is Raising Who?
Who’s making the important decisions? Who is the parent and who is the child? And clearly… it is NEVER too late to start doing the right thing – no matter how difficult it may seem. When looking back on our lives, it is easy to see our “mistakes.” It is also easy to say we made those mistakes because we just didn’t know what to do at that time. We didn’t have the facts. We didn’t know the right answer.
But, that’s not true, because most of the time we DO KNOW THE RIGHT ANSWER. We do know what we should do. We just don’t choose to do it because it seems too darn hard. We take what seems to be the easy way out – and then deal with the terrible repercussions later.
A Great Story About This
Instantly Comes To Mind…
Several children were asked to come into a room with an interviewer one-by-one. When the child sat down with the interviewer, one marshmallow was placed in the center of the table.
As soon as the “interview” was to begin, someone would enter the room and announce they needed the interviewer.
The interviewer would tell the child he had to leave… and the child had two choices…
The child could eat the marshmallow while he was gone or wait until he got back. If the child ate the marshmallow while he was gone, that’s all he would get.
If the child waited until the interviewer got back, the child would get an entire bag of marshmallows.
As the story goes, these children were followed up later in life. The children who immediately ate the marshmallow had a tendency to lead difficult lives. They had a hard time keeping jobs and relationships. They usually did not amount to very much.
The kids who waited were very different. They tended to be very successful in most aspects of their lives. They had good jobs and healthy long-term relationships.
This story exemplifies the value of…
Delayed Gratification
In other words, the ability to put off a small reward, pleasure of satisfaction now, for a larger one in the future. Should you purchase those new shoes or big screen TV on your credit card today – or should you save your money and buy it with cash later? Should you eat that piece of chocolate – or go to the gym and exercise?
Should the parent in the quote above deal with her child complaining about getting a snack now or give in and have a larger problem in the future? We all know the right answer is NOT eating the marshmallow right now and getting a whole bag later. It is standing up to a 6 year old and making the right choice for them because it will lead to a better life for everyone.
Dealing with problems head-on, no matter how difficult they may seem at the time, is almost always the best choice.

Diet Product Danger
Recently, TV celebrity Kim Kardashian endorsed the diet regimen QuickTrim. She said in an interview in OK! Magazine that she used it to quickly shed 15 pounds in just a few weeks.
But, is Quicktrim safe? Maybe not – at least according to a posting on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s health website: The morning and afternoon supplements contain a "thermogenic complex," two doses of which provide a total of 400 milligrams of caffeine -- the equivalent of four cups of coffee. The supplements also contain piperine (black pepper) and white willow bark extract, both of which increase the potency of caffeine. If the person who takes it drinks coffee as well, they could get caffeine poisoning, which can cause heart arrhythmias. The evening supplements contain a combination of stimulant laxatives and bulk laxatives. This could lead to diarrhea, which can cause dehydration and a loss of vital nutrients. Stimulant laxatives can also cause your intestines to become dependent on them for stimulation, causing constipation if you stop. It also comes with a variety of diuretics, and several of these -- including juniper berry, uva ursi, and horsetail extract -- shouldn't be taken over long periods of time because they can be toxic. There are also possible health risks involved with severe water loss, such as fainting from the loss of electrolytes, kidney stones, even full-blown kidney malfunction.
In a nutshell, QuickTrim elixirs have some pretty powerful stimulants, laxatives, and diuretics. The package material advises checking with a doctor before using the products, but most people probably don’t.
And don’t forget, if you ever have any questions or concerns about your health talk to us. Contact us with your questions. We’re here to help and don’t enjoy anything more than participating in your lifelong good health.

Inspirational Story Of The Month –
(Names And Details Have Been Changed To Protect Privacy)

“How Did You Survive So Long Without Food Or Water?”
“God Helped Me…”
We all think we are strong. We all think we would do the right thing. We all think we would fight until our very last breath to survive, and help our loved ones survive with us – or even sacrifice our own life, if necessary.
It’s very easy to think that way – until we are actually tested, faced with digging deep down inside ourselves and enduring the pain and discomfort it may take.
You may not know the REAL answer to that question today. You may never know that answer. But, this is a story about two incredible people who found out.
Two Incredible People Whose Combined Age Is Only 17
Here’s the story…
Gone in 30 seconds. That was a headline that began an article on the 7.0 earthquake that devastated Haiti on January 12, 2010.
Just 12 days later, Haitian officials confirmed they had already buried 150,000 bodies.
But, in all the death and destruction, there have been several miracles.
One such miracle came 7 days after the massive earthquake first rocked the small island. That’s when a group of Firefighters from New York City pulled a little boy from the rubble of a collapsed building.
His name is Kiki and even after being trapped under the debris for 7 full days without food or water…
His Face Beamed With An Ear-To-Ear Grin When His Rescuers Pulled Him To Safety.
Kiki is only 7 years old and doctors said his survival after 7 days without food or water was nothing short of a miracle.
When interviewed, Kiki was asked, “How did you survive so long without food or water?”
Kiki’s response, “God helped me…”
There is no doubt Kiki had a helping hand from the big guy upstairs. But, he also had one of God’s helpers right next to him. Her name is Sabrina.
Sabrina is Kiki’s 10 year old sister who was trapped in the cement rubble with him and took charge and cared for her brother.
Kiki and Sabrina also had another brother with them who cried out for water for several days before giving in to dehydration. But Sabrina stayed strong and made sure Kiki survived.
With her incredible mental strength, Sabrina kept herself alive, too.
It is easy to see who Kiki and Sabrina got it from. When interviewed, their father said he had already lost two children in the earthquake, but now that Kiki and Sabrina survived it makes his life worth living.
He was hopeful for the future with his family as he stood in front of the make-shift tent they now live in… focusing on the subtle good… instead of the obvious horror.
And that subtle good is the fact he still has two wonderful “miracle” children and all the love they have for each other.
Maybe it’s not so subtle, after all?
And just as Kiki and Sabrina had the strength to survive, their father had the strength to see the “subtle good.” We should always have the strength to survive and find the “subtle good” in any and every situation we must face in life.
If you face every challenge in life the way Kiki, Sabrina and their father did… nothing can stand in the way of your ultimate happiness.
Here’s a quick bit of news: At the time of writing this, another “miracle” survivor has just been rescued in Haiti. This man was buried in rubble for TWO FULL WEEKS!!!
Never give up hope. Miracles do happen.
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Did You Know?... The medical definition of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is: symptoms of depression coinciding with seasons of shorter days and less sunlight. This is blamed on our (so-called) biological internal clocks, or circadian rhythm, and it is said that SAD sufferers are more likely to be women and younger persons. Other symptoms include a craving for sugary foods, such as sweets, candies, and refined carbohydrates. The true cause of SAD is the lack of exposure to natural sunlight. If you lack sufficient sunlight on your skin, you can suffer from health effects like depression. That's because the human body is designed for frequent sunlight exposure. Sunlight provides an essential element to the human body… something that you need on a frequent basis in order to achieve optimum health… Vitamin D. In order to reverse seasonal affective disorder, or sunlight deficiency, the only treatment necessary is, of course, to get more natural sunlight on your skin. Sunlight is the answer, and all people need to do is step outside and expose their skin to natural sunlight for a few minutes each day, and their body and nature will take care of the rest. A person who makes a point to get natural sunlight on their skin on a frequent basis -- daily, if possible--will experience a wide range of benefits, including improvement in mood, an ending of any state of depression they may have experienced, and enhanced brain function. Depending on where you live, of course, it may be difficult for you to get natural sunlight on a regular basis, and so the next best thing is to get high-intensity, full-spectrum lighting. These are essentially very bright lights that radiate some of the same frequencies as the natural sun. However, this is only the second best thing. Nothing replaces natural sunlight in terms of intensity and frequency. The bottom line to all of this is that seasonal affective disorder is treated by relying on nature -- sunlight, plants, fresh air, regular physical exercise, and living foods.
Tip Of The Month – 7 Steps To A Healthy Heart - American Heart Association Identifies Important Factors Leading To A Healthy Heart … Heart disease is the number one killer in America. The American Heart Association (AHA) says they have identified 7 steps to achieving a healthy heart. And, just like so many other important things in life – these “steps” may be “simple”… but they will not always be easy. Published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, the AHA says ideal cardiovascular health for adults is defined by these health measures: 1) never smoked or quit more than a year ago; 2) a healthy body mass index (BMI), an estimate of body fat determined by a formula using weight and height; 3) physical activity, and more is better. (The new measure says at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity exercise is necessary for ideal health, or 75 minutes weekly of vigorous physical activity); 4) blood pressure below 120/80; 5) fasting blood glucose less than 100 milligrams/deciliter, a fasting measure of blood sugar level; 6) total cholesterol of less than 200 milligrams/deciliter; and 7) eating a healthy diet. Healthy factors in a 2,000-calorie diet include: at least 4.5 cups of fruits and vegetables per day; at least two 3.5 oz. servings of fish per week, preferably oily fish; at least three 1-ounce servings of fiber-rich whole grains per day; limiting sodium to less than 1,500 milligrams a day; and drinking no more than 36 ounces of sugar-sweetened beverages weekly. The American Heart Association hopes a couple of great things happen if people follow these 7 steps: By 2020, Americans could have improved their cardiovascular health by 20%, and also reduce deaths from cardiovascular-related diseases and strokes by 20%. This would not only add many years to countless lives, it would dramatically alter the QUALITY of life. Here’s the amazing thing about the AHA’s “new” finding…It Is NOTHING NEW! I’m sure this is not the first time you been advised to eat a healthy diet, exercise, don’t smoke, don’t eat too much salt, and stay away from sugar. Barring abnormal genetics, it’s incredible how simple living a healthy life can be, which is what Chiropractors have been saying for over 100 years. The key is living up to your genetic potential. And living up to your genetic potential is NOT about fancy technology, wonder drugs or surgeries. All of these advancements may save lives ONCE YOU ARE SICK, but they have nothing to do with staying healthy. The key to living up to your genetic potential is doing all of these simple things consistently for the rest of your life. That’s where it gets a little tricky. It is easy to eat right, exercise, etc. for a few weeks or months. What is difficult is doing all the right things for years and years and years. But, it all starts with a decision. The decision to take charge of your health and life. And when you do that – anything is possible. Make your decision and take your first steps to true health today.

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Dr. Heather Gave You Dr. Orders To RELAX

From: Dr. Heather L. Giesen, D.C.
Saturday February 27, 2010

Dear Patients and Friends,

Dr. Heather here. I’ve got some good news… and some bad news.

First the bad news: New research done at Yale University and published in the journal, Nature, seems to show everyday emotional stress is a trigger for the growth of cancerous tumors.

According to the UK publication, Telegraph: “They discovered that any sort of emotional or physical trauma can act as a ‘pathway’ between cancerous mutations bringing them together in a potentially deadly mix.”

Professor Tian Xu, a geneticist at Yale University who led the study, said: “A lot of different conditions can trigger stress signaling - physical stress, emotional stress, infections, inflammation – all of these things.

“Reducing stress or avoiding stress conditions is always good advice.”

Once again, research seems to be proving things we knew all along – stress is evil and causes disease. In other words…

Stress Kills
And We Gotta RELAX!!!

That’s why I’m giving you doctor’s orders to RELAX!!! Yes, that’s the good news. It’s good because even though we cannot always change what happens to us, we can always change our reaction to it.

No matter how bad things SEEM – focusing on the solution and the good side of things – is ALWAYS the best option.

And one of the best ways to minimize stress is to face problems and take care of them as soon as possible. This includes your health.

Neglecting yourself and “putting off” little aches and pains only adds to the stress and strain you have – both mentally and physically. That’s why I’d like to let you know we are always here and always ready to help you in any way we can, whether it’s addressing an ache or pain, or just a preventive tune-up to keep you in tip-top shape.

So, if we can help you “relax”, just give us a call.

Whatever you do – take it easy! 

Dr. Heather L. Giesen, D.C.