Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to keep your children healty: Is Chiropractic care the answer?

One of the biggest concerns new parents have are making sure they have a healthy baby. Now, how do you do that?

The answer…chiropractic care. A lot of people may see chiropractic care as a harsh way to treat your body, but on the contrary it is a very simple and safe way to get your child to their maximum health.

A recent study done by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association explains the benefits of taking your children, at any age, to your chiropractor. You can read the study done here.

In summary, of their phase one test period, children with common illness symptoms, muscle pain, ears, nose and throat were treated by chiropractic care and had a high rate of improvement from it.

Speaking with Dr. Heather on the topic, she stated:
“in our society we have all been taught to wait for a pain or symptom to show up before we think there is something wrong. But many times a symptom is only there as a last resort to alerting you to a problem that has been there for years. Chiropractic is a proactive approach to health. Just like we brush our teeth, check our oil, etc... to help prevent a problem. By checking and maintaining our spine from birth, we grow up with a healthy functioning nervous system and many times live a happier, healthier life.”

Here are some pictures of Dr. Heather working on little Jackson.
As you can see from these pictures the little guy had no known discomfort and his parents are very satisfied with his chiropractic care and have comfort in knowing they are starting him out on the right path for a healthy future.

After seeing amazing results from the ICPA study and the information from Dr. Heather, what are you waiting for! Make an appointment for you and your children. Get the facts today and become knowledgeable about your family’s future health.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Headache Relief You May Not Know About

From: Dr. Heather L Giesen, D.C.
Date: April 1, 2010

Dear Patients and Friends,

Dr. Heather here. If you suffer with headaches, there is a good chance this is going to be very good news for you.

Here is why…

Back in 2001, a Duke University evidence report was published and here’s what it said, “Cervical spine manipulation was associated with significant improvement in headache outcomes in trials involving patients with neck pain and/or neck dysfunction and headache.”

In other words, if you have a headache and neck pain… or… if you have a headache and neck dysfunction… there is a good chance Chiropractic neck adjustments might help you.

That’s because “cervical spine manipulation” is a fancy way of saying “Chiropractic neck adjustment.”

It’s obvious when you have a headache. It’s also obvious when you have neck pain. But, how can you tell if you have neck dysfunction?

In many cases, it’s difficult for you to know if you have neck dysfunction because it may not cause pain.

That’s why, if you suffer with headaches, you should have a complete Chiropractic neck examination to see if the cause is neck dysfunction or something else.

If you would like to schedule a headache/neck dysfunction examination, just give us a call at 952.758.8760. We have helped many patients with headaches over the years and look forward to helping you and your family live pain-free.


Dr. Heather L Giesen, D.C.

P.S. If you have a family member or friend who suffers with headaches, please pass this letter along to them. We will offer the same headache/neck dysfunction examination to any of your friends or loved ones. For the month of April, all new patients will receive this complete and thorough examination for only $37. That is a savings of $208 off the retail price.
In Good Hands
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“Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.” Eddie Cantor
Maybe your mother was right all along…

The Simplest And Easiest
Way To Lose Weight Ever?
More great stuff in this newsletter: How napping can make you smarter, more proof Omega-3 has BIG health benefits, and DOCTORS WARN: Avoid genetically modified food!!!

New Prague – Here’s a quick riddle for you…It’s everywhere because almost everyone wants it. Yet, most never achieve it. What is it?
Weight loss.
You can’t flip through the pages of a magazine or the channels on cable TV without being bombarded by advertisements for “new,” “breakthrough,” “Miracle,” etc. weight loss solutions.
Maybe you’ve tried some of these “quick and easy” solutions, and maybe one word sums up the way you feel…
So, is there anything out there that actually works?
The first thing to understand: there are no overnight “miracles.” The hard truth: the REAL secret to weight loss is doing the right things… consistently… for the rest of your life.
Doing the right things will cause you to lose weight but as soon as you stop and go back to your old ways, the weight will come back, and come back with a vengeance… so will the frustration.
That’s why the best way to lose weight is to become well-educated on the subject. The Internet has a frightening amount of information, some good – and a lot bad.
That’s why your best option is to talk to a healthcare professional who has already helped many others and can short-cut the process for you, too.
That being said, researchers have found when people eat quickly, they end up consuming more calories than they would have if they ate more slowly. In fact, according to a new study referenced in a February 10, 2010 New York Times article, “scientists found that when a group of subjects were given an identical serving of ice cream on different occasions, they released more hormones that made them feel full when they ate it in 30 minutes instead of 5.
The scientists took blood samples and measured insulin and gut hormones before, during and after eating.
They found that two hormones that signal feelings of satiety, or fullness —glucagon-like peptide-1 and peptide YY — showed a more pronounced response in the slow condition.”

This means you eat LESS. The New York Times article also mentioned a study done by the American Dietetic Association in 2008 that reported subjects felt more full and consumed 10% less calories when they ate slowly as opposed to “wolfing” down their food.
And, a study in The British Medical Journal stated those who ate quickly and until full had triple the rate of being overweight compared with others.
What Does All This Mean For YOU?
This research simply suggests if you eat slowly you are likely to feel more full and consume less calories.
No, it’s not a weight loss miracle. But, feeling full is nice, and eating less calories – over the long run – will lead to weight loss and greater health.
If you think this isn’t a big deal, please remember: little hinges open big doors. It’s the accumulation of small things done consistently over time that leads to great success.
In other words, stop looking for the big home run and start hitting singles. And, educate yourself as much as you possibly can. If you have any questions, your doctor of Chiropractic can help… so don’t hesitate to call and ask!
American Academy of Environmental
Medicine Recommends To Avoid

Genetically modified foods are good for profit, but are they good for you? According to an article by Jeffery M. Smith on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s health blog (February 24, 2010), the answer looks to be a big, fat…
According to the article, “The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has called on all physicians to prescribe diets without genetically modified (GM) foods to all patients.1
They call for a moratorium on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), long-term independent studies, and labeling. They state, “Several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM food,” including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system.

Inspirational Story Of The Month –
(Names And Details Have Been Changed To Protect Privacy)

2010 Olympics Not Only Hands Out Medals
- It Gives Sight To The Blind
How Steve Holcomb Went From Virtually Blind And Quitting
To Perfect Vision And An Olympic Gold Medal
Steve Holcomb had a dream… to captain the U.S. Men’s Bobsled Team to an Olympic Gold Medal in 2010. (Something they had not done since 1948.)
But, just a couple of years ago, Steve’s dream seemed impossible.

Steve Was Going Blind
He had a degenerative eye condition called Keratoconus that affects millions of people and takes away their ability to read, drive a car, and live a normal life.
Steve’s vision had deteriorated so much he could not see well enough to drive the U.S. National team’s bobsled. In an interview, he said he was going to retire and walk away from his life-long dream.
But, Steve’s coaches and the United States Olympic Committee weren’t going to let him walk away so fast.
They researched a new procedure (back in 2008) called C3-R and decided it was his best shot at saving his eyesight.
According to an article by the Boxer Wachler Institute:
The USOC and the USA Bobsled and Skeleton Federation took the exceptional step of paying for Holcomb to have the treatment.
"Previously, the only treatment for severe Keratoconus was a cornea transplant," says Dr. Boxer Wachler.
"This is why C3-R is being seen as such a breakthrough. C3-R is non-surgical. It uses vitamin applications and light to strengthen the cornea. C3-R can cure the disease without the need for a cornea transplant. The treatment only takes 30 minutes and can be done in a doctor's office.
It can be hard to get doctors to switch to a new procedure, especially one so radically different, but now that is dramatically changing because of Steve. Steve's story is making doctors and patients all over the world aware of C3-R." Steve’s story is a great one…
Shortly after the procedure, he captained the U.S. Team to a World Championship – the United States’ first in 50 years.
And not only that, Steve ended the United States’ 64-year drought and accomplished his dream by winning a Gold Medal in the 2010 Olympics.
But, here’s the ironic thing…
When he was interviewed before the gold medal run, Steve said getting his sight back wasn’t all positive.
How could this be?
According to Steve, his vision had been so bad for so long that he developed a way to drive the bobsled by feel.
And When He Got His Sight Back, It Made His Driving WORSE!
Steve actually scratched up the visor on his helmet and keeps it dirty so he can’t see that well!!!
It’s amazing how Steve could be one of the best (if not THE best) bobsled drivers in the world when he was legally blind, considering bobsleds travel at over 90 miles per hour on dangerous ice covered tracks.
It just goes to show how well one can adapt – as long as we put in enough effort and do not quit.
And the same goes for researchers and doctors who never quit coming up with the new ideas, treatments and procedures that make dreams, like Steve’s, possible.
Now, due to the tremendous popularity of Steve, his Olympic Gold Medal and the wonderful work of researchers and doctors, it is possible for millions of people who may have gone blind to see again.
We love helping our patients and their friends and relatives through their tough times and getting them feeling better! We are here to help you stay feeling better and looking younger! Don't be a stranger. Call us and we will assist you in putting together a customized maintenance plan. It's not a luxury anymore! With our low monthly payment plan, it's less expensive to maintain your good health! You really can afford Chiropractic care! Don't wait until you can no longer move!

Did You Know?... A mere 1 cup of cabbage boasts 90 percent of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin K and 50 percent of the RDA for Vitamin C, and it may help prevent breast cancer. When you think of carrots, think of beta-carotene (present in high amounts). Research suggests beta-carotene protects against cancer, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Eat a tomato and enjoy the health benefits of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and other key nutrients. Tomatoes also contain lycopene, which may help prevent cancer from developing. Mint contains menthol, an essential oil often used to reduce stress and relieve sinus congestion. Mint also contains Vitamins A and C, and is a rich source of essential minerals. Cauliflower is not white broccoli, though it does come from the same family, and like broccoli, features several cancer-fighting compounds such as sulforaphane and indol-3-carbinole. Cucumbers are a good source of potassium, an electrolyte that helps balance sodium intake. They also contains antioxidants and fiber, all while being very low in calories. Bell Peppers, whether red, yellow or green, are a nutritional powerhouse, providing Vitamins A, C, E, K and B6, just for starters – a great source of antioxidants. Peas are packed to the pod with vitamins and minerals. Peas are particularly high in nutrients such as Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, manganese and dietary fiber.
Tip Of The Month – 2 Tips To Avoid Back Pain…“It Is Easier To Prevent Bad Habits Than To Break Them” ~Benjamin Franklin… Back pain is no fun. It is also a MAJOR problem for our healthcare system and economy. Here are some important facts about back pain, according to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA):
• 31 million Americans experience low-back pain at any given time.
• One-half of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year.
• Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work. In fact, back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office, outnumbered only by upper-respiratory infections.
• Americans spend at least $50 billion each year on back pain, and that’s just for the more easily identified costs.
• Experts estimate as much as 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some time in their lives.
• Most cases of back pain are mechanical or non-organic—meaning they are not caused by serious conditions such as inflammatory arthritis, infection, fracture or cancer.
There are two different types of mechanical stress that can cause back pain. First is a blatant injury. This can be anything from a car accident, sports injury or slip and fall. This cause of back pain is easy to understand. Trauma to your spine causes injury to the soft tissue (ligaments, muscles and disks). This is why the first tip is to make your home, work area and car as “back safe” as possible. Home and work should be kept uncluttered so you do not slip and fall. This is especially important at night, when lighting may be dim. A seatbelt should always be worn while driving and your headrest should be checked and adjusted to your height to minimize damage from a crash. If you are in a car accident, you should be examined by a doctor trained to handle these types of injuries. Chiropractors are well-trained in the diagnosis and treatment of car accident injuries. Back pain caused by the trauma of car accidents and falls is obvious.
What’s not obvious is the other type of mechanical stress: MICRO-TRAUMA. Micro-trauma is a small amount of bad force applied to your back or spine. This small amount of bad force does not seem to be a big deal and usually does not cause pain or discomfort right away, but over time, micro-traumas add up and can cause major problems. An example of such a micro trauma is incorrect posture – either sitting, standing or sleeping. Either one of these three, over time, can ruin the structural integrity of your spine and cause major pain. That’s why tip #2 is to make sure you have the proper bed and chair and always keep good posture. If you need advice on any of this, your Chiropractor is an expert and can help you. And you should try not to stand, sit or lay in one position too long. Motion is important – when in doubt, change position! Prevention of back pain is one of the most important things you can do in your life. Minimizing both big and small stresses on your spine is one important way to accomplish this goal.

Spring into Health…April brings with it the sign of life with the birds returning, trees blooming and flowers blossoming. Life also extends to each of us. For the month of April, it should be our goal that all friends and loved ones have a spinal check-up to make sure our life is at peak performance. All new patients will receive a consultation, examination, necessary x-rays and a report of findings for only $37. That is a savings of $208 off the retail price.

Remember, we’re always here, using the miracle of Chiropractic
to help your body heal and maintain the health you deserve.

This information is solely advisory, and should not be substituted for medical or chiropractic advice. Any and all health care concerns, decisions, and actions must be done through the advice and counsel of a healthcare professional who is familiar with your updated medical history. We cannot be held responsible for actions you may take without a thorough exam or appropriate referral. If you have any further concerns or questions, please call our office at 952.758.8760