Thursday, November 7, 2013

Be Thankful For Your Health!!

Never had a spinal check-up?  Feel great and not sure why you would go to a chiropractor?  Can you help with ...?

All of these are questions I get asked on a regular basis.  Back pain is not a pre-requisite of chiropractic care.  The ONLY thing that is...wait for it...A SPINE!!

Everyone has a spine and therefore everyone is susceptible to subluxation, or spinal bone misalignment, and you are pain is required.  Subluxations take place on a daily basis and sit there, reek havoc and go unnoticed for days, weeks, months and years!

Take advantage of our current special to get a sneak preview of what your spine looks like!  From there you can determine if you think it should look better.

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'Watching your Back' Heather L. Giesen, DC, CACCP