Thursday, October 31, 2013

Weekly Tidbits

Here are a few highlights from my Weekly Health Update:

Health Alert: TV Or Computer Screen Linked To Psychological Problems In Kids. A child who spends at least two hours a day in front of a TV screen or computer monitor has a significantly high risk of developing psychological problems, no matter their level of physical activity. The more physically active children appeared to do better than their sedentary peers in emotional and peer problems, but fared worse in behavioral areas, including hyperactivity. American Journal of Pediatric, October 2010

Chiropractic: Still Better! A 2010 systematic review found most studies suggest spinal adjustments achieves equivalent or superior improvement in pain and function when compared with other commonly used interventions, such as physical modalities, medication, education, or exercise, for short, intermediate, and long-term follow-up. Spine Journal, 2010

Quote:There is nothing that wasted the body like worry.” ~Gandhi

Don't forget who is in charge of your health...YOU!!  Health is not found in a pill or potion...the choices we make over the years will lead you down the path of health or disease.  So often we point fingers elsewhere or put others in charge of our health.  Be pro-active and do all the right things to ensure a life full of health and happiness!!!

'Watching your Back'

Dr. Heather L Giesen