Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Personal Note From Dr. Heather

Is This The Best Way To Stay Back Pain Free?

From: Dr. Heather L Giesen
June 28, 2010

Dear Patients and Friends,

Every year, we see the same thing.

Patients who came in for back or neck pain and started to feel better… disappear into the warm summer nights…

Now, no one blames you. Who wants to go to their Chiropractor when there are so many other (and better!) things to do?

But, there is one thing that happens just about every single summer that really bothers me…

I get calls from patients who had to cancel their vacation plans because of back or neck pain.

This is absolutely terrible because these poor patients have to miss the once a year vacation they have worked hard for and planned for months. Many times, money is lost on reservations that cannot be cancelled on such short notice.

And even worse than not being able to go on your vacation is having your back or neck ‘go out’ while you’re on your vacation! That can put you in a real jam.

That’s why I’m sending you this letter. It’s just a simple reminder to give us a call and get checked out or get a tune-up before your vacation this summer.

Just give us a call at 952-758-8760 and we will get you in ASAP and at your convenience.

You know the old saying…an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 


Dr. Heather L Giesen, D.C.

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