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Every child goes through it, but with a little additional information it doesn’t have to be an ordeal.

Teething usually begins at four to five months but can start as early as three months. Since it can take anywhere from three hours to three weeks to see results, the symptoms can sometimes be misdiagnosed.

Symptoms that go with teething:
• Runny Nose - Clear Mucus
• Irritated Ear
• Mild Fever
• Picky/Fussy Eating
• Disrupted Sleep Patterns
• Irritated Bowel

Commonly mistaken as:
• Cold or Sinus Infection
• Ear Infection
• Cold or Flu
• Stomach/Digestive Disorder
• Colic
• Rash

What are often simply teething symptoms are being misdiagnosed as an ear infection and the American Academy of Pediatrics has recognized that antibiotics are being overly prescribed to children.

When in doubt follow the American Academy of Pediatric guidelines and take a wait-and-watch approach before giving your child any chemicals.

Remember: Children benefit from Chiropractic care; not only for wellness and pain prevention, but as a major support to the immune system. So, get your child checked on a regular basis.

For more information on the new American Academy of Pediatric guidelines please visit their website at

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